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With Doug Baldwin’s future suddenly in doubt, the Seahawks may need to make wide receiver a top priority in free agency and the draft.

The Seahawks missed the healthy version of Doug Baldwin last season. We’ll take a deeper look into that in a moment. The concern now is Baldwin’s health for the 2019 season. Will he be ready in time? Will he be 100 percent, or as close to 100 percent as NFL players can be? There’s even the concern Baldwin could retire. For all these reasons, the Seahawks should make wide receiver a much bigger priority that they expected this offseason.

As for Baldwin’s health and its impact on 2018, there’s no disputing that. Even a cursory look at the Seahawks passing attack proves this. It isn’t about the three games he missed as much as it is about his health throughout the season. True, Seattle was 2-1 in contests without him in the lineup. Yet in two losses, he was only targeted once in each game. The Hawks lost those by a total of five points. The main issue was the lack of a running game against the Broncos and the inability to stop the Rams. A healthy Angry Doug could have overcome those troubles.

This is a good time to clarify something. The Seahawks cannot replace Doug Baldwin through free agency at this point. They can definitely find a good receiver. It just isn’t likely that any player still available could fill the very large role of Baldwin. But Tyler Lockett was basically receiver 1A last season as it is. So any potential replacement would need to fill the number two receiver role at best.

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